Russian Red

March 27th, 2009 by Kyle

precious folk melodías

I once spent a week in Madrid; feeling more comfort there than any place I’ve ever been. Leaving on a whim, I learned words and phrases concerning food and direction after arrival. Most of this trip I was alone; wandering in pursuit of distant intrigue: a hill, a park, a museum, or the oldest restaurant; curiosity fulfilling me. Nourished by surroundings, I found heightened sense of romanticism, joy, wonder, play, friendship, detail.. so much vibrant detail in art and life; flourishing endeavors, hellos and goodbyes, zest and woe. สล็อตออนไลน์ 888Lourdes Hernández‘s I Love Your Glasses encompasses all of my experiences in her hometown; dazzling me in abundance and passionately reminding me of a time felt dearly like home.

Mazzy Star meets Neko Case for tapas.
Russian Red – Nice Thick Feathers
Russian Red – Take Me Home
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Hey DJ Friday: Chris Isaak and dub

December 22nd, 2006 by Paul Irish

Dub feels like the perfect match for one of the all-time classic love songs, “Wicked Game”. Business Man is a pseudonym of electronic music artist of the year Trentem?ller, and he continues to execute with finesse.

Business Man – Dubby Games (Dub remix of ‘Wicked Game’)

Farryl Purkiss

March 30th, 2008 by Kyle

singer-songwriter // acoustic pop

Butterfly’s wings lift measures as Farryl’s voice strengthens chords bound to your heartstrings. From an open book on the north shore of KZN, South Africa, he sings his life in pages charted by notes and emotional highlights. Like a good friend in a local pub, watching a few beers disappear with, he’s there, standing by a mic, helping slay those grumpy distractions away. Where faint sounds of surf whisper through quiet nights, and feelings billow like smoke from campfire lights, there is cast his first chapter’s reminisce.

Simple, inviting songs, waiving to your ears.
Farryl Purkiss – Better Days
Farryl Purkiss – Times Like These
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The Delano Orchestra

March 10th, 2008 by Anne Cloudman

french folk // indie

French ensemble, The Delano Orchestra, use everything from the bouzouki to the glockenspiel to craft their elegant understated tracks, but it’s the soft-spoken, whispered vocals that create their intimate sound. Scratchy electric guitars and soothing trumpets fill out the somber “Between Day and Night”? while the melody of “Spread Our Little Wings”? exudes a warming charm. Both tracks are from their endearingly-named debut album A little girl, a little boy, and all the snails they have drawn.

Fragile innocence meets textured instrumentals.

สล็อตออนไลน์ 888The Delano Orchestra – Between Day & Night
The Delano Orchestra – Spread Our Little Wings
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DJ Z-Trip

November 29th, 2004 by Paul Irish

motown remixed // soul // funk

Imagine all the hottest tracks of Motown, all mashed up in a megamix of soulful body-movin’ music. DJ Z-Trip delivers exactly that in this 9-minute long non-stop funk-fest. He drops into it with some Jackson 5 loads you up with the finest grooves of The Temptations, and even forcefeeds you some hard-hitting Edwin Starr. DJ Z-Trip is widely regarded as one of the finest sampling and mashup professionals, alongside 2 Many DJ’s, Double D and Steinski, Coldcut, and The Avalances. Peep the excellent interview over at Downhill Battle, and also check out the great things they’re doing to protect our right to listen to music.
The very best of Motown’s finest groove-filled gems.

DJ Z-Trip – Motown Breakdown

Federico Aubele

August 10th, 2007 by Julija

argentinian singer-songwriter // latin guitar // downtempo

The energy of Up, Bustle and Out, the passion of Gotan Project and the chill-out feeling of Thievery Corporation combine to form Federico Aubele’s rich sound collage. His hypnotic guitar lines and mellow rhythms cross and layer with jazz and Latin music, for a thrilling, yet soothing sound. Federico is releasing his long-awaited album Panamericana in September, a follow up to his seminal 2004 album Gran Hotel Buenos Aires. “En el desierto” perfectly captures the feeling of this passionate new album.

Distinctly Latin and sensual.
Federico Aubele – En El Desierto
Federico Aubele – Ante Tus Ojos
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February 7th, 2007 by Paul Irish

swedish roots reggae

Swedish roots reggae, you read, with your eyebrow arching high? Oh yes. Of course I gave it the same skepticism that I give Japanese hip hop; how exactly can a culture so far away and even with different climatology bring authenticity and maturity to the genre? And yet this Swedish nonet creates a sound that is both respectful and innovative. You can’t deny ‘Ur Jord’ doesn’t have the catchiness of a Ben Harper or Dispatch tune, while ‘En Timme Kvar Att Leva’ starts you off completely differently−suddenly you feel like you’re in a Yann Tiersen score. (Amelie, perhaps?)

Musical roots meet songwriting ingenuity.
Kultiration – Ur Jord
Kultiration – En Timme Kvar Att Leva
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Aurgasm Interview: Hanne Hukkelberg

February 29th, 2008 by Julija
With her charmingly eclectic compositions and whimsical songwriting skills, a graduate of Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, now a Norwegian Grammy winner, Hanne Hukkelberg attracted our attention back in 2005. She was first featured on Aurgasm with her beautiful song “Ease”, and second time — for her powerful live version of the Pixies’ track “Break My Body”.

After gaining a reputation as a wonderful live performer, collecting positive reviews all over Europe, Hanne Hukkelberg is finally releasing her second, highly anticipated album Rykestrasse 68 in North America.

From crunching typewriters to bicycle spokes and other every day objects, you experiment quite a bit and use such unusual instruments. Would you tell us more about your recording process?

The recording process is something very different from the live performing to me. First I compose alone. Often a half year. Then I go in studio with my producer K?¥re Vestrheim for some months. Then I sort of translate this for a live session. But in studio I present my songs and my ideas for K?¥re and after that the two of us work with the material. Always in a different way with every song.

For six months you’ve lived in Berlin, Germany where you worked on your second album Rykestrasse 68. How was it? Would you share your impressions on how was it working far away from home?

It was great living in Berlin. Berlin is full of contrasts and inputs. But the most important is to just move away from my everyday life, to something else to reach thoughts and depths in my self I normally don’t have the time and pulse to get down to.

Your lyrics are wonderful. At times they seem to have certain ambiguous meanings. What are your inspirations?

In my creative processes, writing lyrics is the most difficult. But I just have to do it myself, because I have a need to express myself through text also. So I get very flattered when you think my lyrics are wonderful. My biggest inspirations are just what happens around me and thoughts I get out of it, books I read or stories others tell me.

Your version of The Pixies’ “Break My Body” is probably one of the most striking covers I’ve ever heard. Does this song have a special meaning to you? How did you come up with an idea covering The Pixies?

It was a pure coincidence that “Break My Body” became a cover. I was in my early days as an artist and I needed more songs. My stereo favourite was Pixies and Break My Body, so I brought it to my band, I told them to play it 3/4. And it became what it is today. It got its own life.

We would love to hear about your musical influences. Anything in particular you could name as your biggest influence and inspiration?

Radiohead, Wildbird & Peacedrums, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Cornelis Vreeswijk , Stevie Wonder, J.S. Bach, Funeral, Chopin, Thurston Moore, Pixies, etc..

Your song “Searching” (from the debut album Little Things) was used as the soundtrack for Space NK’s TV and cinema advertising campaign. In the future, would you be interested in working on film scores? Do you have any upcoming collaborations and projects planned?

Absolutely. I am working right now with music for two short films. I like working and giving music to films.

We provide the readers of Aurgasm with great music they’ve probably not heard. Are there any tracks that you’ve been listening to recently that you’d recommend? What new music are you excited about at the moment?

Wildbirds & Peacedrums, my god, they are fantastic! But you need to hear them live…

Hanne’s recommended artists:
Wildbirds & Peacedrums – I Can’t Tell In His Eyes from Heartcore (2008)
Cornelis Vreeswijk – Polaren Per ??r K?¤rlekskrank from Guldkorn Fran Master Cees Memoarer (1966)

Thank you so much, Hanne.

Thanks You Aurgasm!

Emilie Simon

May 3rd, 2005 by Paul Irish

female vocal electronica // orchestral folktronica

An eerie glockenspiel speaks. A xylophone answers. With the sound of streaked glass, Emilie asks of you, ‘Won’t you open for me, the door to your ice world?’ “The Frozen World” is a beautiful concoction of shivery sounds – the most subtle and crippled samples tense you up while Emilie holds the bass entry till nearly a minute into the song. She manages to hit the right combination of warm bass, swells of strings and her voice to the point where your spine shivers. Turn the volume up on this one. “To the Dancers on the Ice” hits you like a 7am hug after a sleepless night. Pair it with Ratatat’s “Cherry” on your mix cds – together they’re divine.
Beautifully crafted songs direct from childhood imagination.

Emilie Simon – The Frozen World
Emilie Simon – To The Dancers On The Ice

Trailer for La Marche de l’empereur (songs are from the soundtrack)
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Luísa Maita

August 9th, 2010 by Julija

brazilian fusion // urban

Brazilian songstresses are a significant part of the abundance of Brazilian produce you have been hearing over the last few years. Critically acclaimed CéU and Cibelle as well as lesser known to a wider audience Aurgasm-loved honey-voiced Aline de Lima or Ana Martins already found their audience in both the US and Europe. Now it’s the turn of S?o Paolo based Luísa Maita. Fusing tropical rhythms and more urban grooves, her debut Lero-Lero (2010) is a mixture of relaxing bossa, capoeira rhythms, funky beats and soulful vocals. Let the mellow vibes caress your ears for the rest of the day.

Soothing and danceable, unmistakably Brazilian vibe.
Luísa Maita – Lero-Lero
Luísa Maita – Fulaninha
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